There are many outdoor Activities in Masai Mara National Reserve and the Serengeti. One of the most popular is the hot air balloon ride at sunrise. Balloon safaris offer not only adventure but also romance. In the early mornings, you get to experience the great wilderness of East Africa. Riding a hot air balloon at the break of dawn is graceful and magnificent as you get to watch herds of animals and the sun rise.

Baloon 2

Typically, a hot air balloon safari takes around one hour over the Masai Mara plain. The rides are available daily and passengers are dropped off at the takeoff site to avoid disturbing the animals. The pilot takes the passengers on a ride over several square kilometers of the reserve precisely controlling the altitude of the balloon.

Baloon 3

The balloon can fly at tree-top height or even lower to allow photographers take wildlife pictures from a unique angle. A gentle ascent above the trees offers a cool breeze and a wonderful panoramic view of wildlife and the Savannah plain.

Baloon 1

So, whether you are a hopeless romantic or a photographer looking for a unique perspective, a hot air balloon is an exciting way to experience the wildebeest migration among other wildlife drama in the world.

Baloon 4

So if you have a balloon safari on your bucket list, reach out and we will guide you .


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