You have been planning for a safari for years but now you have a family and wondering if it’s a good idea to take your kids on the African adventure.  Family vacations mean no person left behind. However, multi-generational trips can be very tricky. So, should you take your kids on that safari? Our answer, YES!

Kids on safari

Most safari tours have flexible age rules. Ours is……

However, we discourage taking infants and toddlers on safaris because of the long flights, adjusting to time difference and early mornings. Children from the age of six are can better experience the wilderness and engage with the tour guides. Safaris for kids can have a lasting impression and encourage them to explore the world when they are older. A family safari is a unique experience for the whole family.

Not all camps accept kids so check with specific camps to see what their policy is on kids.  Younger children can participate in various lodge activities, horseback riding, Big Five sighting and appreciation of local cultures. The whole trip is transformative for children and young adults because they understand the need for conservation.

In Kenya the kids will visit authentic Masai villages, meet the Maasai people who dress in their traditional Shuka’s (robes) and beads from head to toe. The Masai Mara among other game reserves are a great place for game drives with the children. There are big cat sightings on guided safaris and the kids will be excited to search and actually view these animals.

Kenya - Maasai Tribal person 2


Additionally, you can combine a safari with the beach because you can easily go from one place to the other. Combining activities ensures maximum enjoyment for all the family members.

If you are travelling with kids make sure to prepare them psychologically (and yourself too) and keep them engaged throughout the trip to avoid cries of “I’m bored”.

A family trip with kids helps them create special memories that might get them excited about the next family vacation.

You can check out more tips on travelling with children on safari on our website.


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