Taking a walk out in the nature is one of the most calming experiences.  So, while in Nairobi how about some outdoor exploration. You get to smell fresh air, sight-see and maybe lose some “vacation weight” while at it.  There are a number of nature trails in and within Nairobi that are great for every adventure seeker.

Karura Forest


Karura forest is one of the best hiking trails because the numerous trails lead to caves, butterfly farms, a river and a waterfall. It is best enjoyed with family and friends. The forest offers various activities from cycling tracks, Yoga, Tennis, Pilates, to jogging and walking.  For nature lovers, this place is special because it offers a wealth of tree species, variety of birds and marshland.

Nairobi Arboretum


The arboretum is adjacent to the State House. It is an ideal nature part with picnic lawns, shaded walkways and jogging trails. The arboretum has more than 350 types of both exotic and indigenous trees.  So, if you are looking for a green hiking trail that is close to the city center, the Arboretum is it.

Nairobi Safari Walk


The best thing about the Nairobi safari walk is that it has three different habitats; wetlands, forests and savannas. It also offers an uninterrupted view of the wild animals.  It is a recreational and learning facility that also acts as a showcase for what to expect in other Kenya’s Parks and Reserves. It allows visitors to sample Kenya’s plants and animals diversity.

Oloolua Nature Trail


The trail is part of Oloolua forest located in the Karen suburbs. Visitors can go for short hikes or jogs in the tranquil forest.  The trail has a meandering river, waterfalls, 33m long cave and papyrus swamp.  The walking paths are great for explorer and people who want to improve their fitness. For bird watchers, there are a variety of beautiful birds and some large clumps of bamboo near the river.  For the romantics and book readers, there is a beautiful spot with benches where you can sit and relax as the river flows past.

Ng’ong Hills


The word “Ng’ong” is an Anglicization of a Maasai phrase “enkong’u emuny” meaning rhinoceros spring, and this name derives from a spring located near Ngong Town.

To get there you have to use private means since public vehicles only reach at Ng’ong Town then one has to drive. From the Entry Station to the Hike starting Point  also known as (KOMPASS) is around 1.7 Km. Surrounded by cool reminiscing air , when it gets cloudy you get covered by cloud clusters as they pass over the hills (Such a breath-taking moment.) It takes around 3 hrs to hike to and from because of the steep environment. The hills from the east side slopes overlook the Nairobi National Park and, off to the North Nairobi CBD, hills from the West side slopes, overlook the Great Rift Valley dropping over 1,000 m (3,281 ft) below, where Masai villages have been developed. The peak of the Ng’ong Hills is at 2,460 m (8,071 ft) above sea level.

This is a must visit site for adrenaline junkies and perfect for team building.

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