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Safaris have become popular not only to the Western world but also from tourists across the globe. More and more tourists from advanced economic countries such as China, Russia and the Middle East have contacted us for safari packages. We acknowledge that safaris are extremely breathtaking and captivating and as such we are here to help you understand what to expect before going on a safari.

Samburu - Elephant group 1

  1. Choosing a safari

Researching on types of safaris is the first logical thing for any tourist. There are different offers and safari options available and you can find some here

Contrary to popular belief in some parts of the world, Africa is not a country but rather a large continent where each country offers a unique set of wildlife, nature, and culture

Due to the large selection, choosing a safari can be overwhelming. As such it is easier to narrow down choices as you would any other product or service. Create a list highlighting your important things, key considerations for your travel such as budget, what you want to see/do, accommodation preference, the mode of transportation, ideal duration of travel, season of travel, Interest in joining a group safari OR private safari, Travel; with children. Eliminate all the options that do not fit your safari preference.

For a beginner, choose a popular safari destination in Africa such as the Masai Mara, the Serengeti and many more. You can easily choose a destination by determining the kind of animals (wildlife) that you want to see during your trip.

Tanzania - Ngorongoro Crater - Crater outer side 2

2.      Get the necessary vaccines

Make a trip to your doctor at least a month before your trip because some vaccines take a few weeks to kick in. Passport Health website is a good source for recommended vaccines. Malaria is a major problem and the doctor will talk to you about antimalarial pills among other non-pharmaceutical prevention methods that you can use during the safari such as bed nets while sleeping, exposing as little skin as possible during dusk hours (when mosquitoes are most active) and treating your clothes with Permethrin spray before the trip.

3.      Pack light

You’ve probably heard about the African sun and heat….well it’s partly true. We advise you to pack light. This is not the Dior runway, it’s a safari so dress for comfort not style. When out for game drives put on lightweight and neutral colored clothes and a wide-brimmed hat. Invest in a pair of walking boots if planning for a walking safari. It also gets chilly in the evening and early mornings so carry layers that can also protect you from the sun during the day.

Therefore, pack light, pack comfortable.

  1. Bring a real camera…

I mean, if you want to capture great moments.

NG950670 edited
You wouldn’t  want to miss such moments ?

Imagine sitting outside enjoying a cool evening breeze facing a view of Mt. Kilimanjaro. You have a beautiful view of the snow-capped mountain and wildlife just strolling by. What is missing? You’re right a high resolution camera to document your experiences and capture the moment forever. And no, your iPhone will just not cut it.

  1. Among other things….

Check ahead of time to see if you need a Visa. In some countries you can get one at the airport while others require you to have one ahead of time.

If you book a safari through a tour company, check with the operator and make sure everything is planned for.

Get insurance. Buy full coverage travel insurance.

You’ll want to extend your stay. MOST DEFINITELY!!!!! Wildlife aside, Africa is a beautiful continent, with beautiful people and exquisite cuisines.


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