The migration’s gearing up


Past five weeks have seen the Masai Mara abuzz with activity as the annual migration spectacle checked-in a bit earlier than expected. The initial gnu and zebra herds now dot the horizons and the carnivores are coming out to play as the crocs sit in wait for the food to serve itself.

From our friends and team on the ground and visitingguests who have been visiting since late May, there is nothing but reports of excellent game viewing. There has even been a sighting of the elusive and very-rare-to-see-in-the-Mara, roan antelope. Could they be making a comeback into the Masai plains? That’s the question on everyone’s mind.

Roans aside, some preliminary herds have been seen streaming into the ‘Mara Triangle’ at various crossing points, and just yesterday, the first mega horde of about 5,000 was seen crossing at the Kaburu Point. It’s been quite a treat for guests who had taken advantage of the usually quiet and slow May/ June season. Across the border in Serengeti, reports reveal that there are still surging herds in the Grumeti area, and they’ll be making their way to the Masai Mara soon.

Not to miss out on all the action, our 2014 Migration Safari is still open for sale. If you will not be making it for this year’s safari, our 2015 Migration Safari is already open for sale.


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