Meet Mustafa…

Just getting to know Musti… through the eyes of many a camera as well as through the words of one Sandy, a guest who travelled with us.

Sandy from Canada
August 2009

I am writing to say “THANK-YOU” to African Horizons for the trip of a lifetime; our lifetime! We had the wonderful experience of being on safari with Mustafa, travelling through Kenya and Tanzania. We knew from the minute we met Mustafa and Christopher at the airport, that we were in most capable hands and were now ready for our adventure. The knowledge, humor and kindness we enjoyed throughout our safari, was evident from our first introductions!

I was travelling with my elderly parents and my two teenage sons. This I knew could be quite the challenge for even the most experienced of guides. My concerns quickly disappeared. We felt comfortable and safe the throughout the entire journey. The professionalism and attention to detail was so evident with African Horizons.

I worked many years in the travel industry for Canada’s largest tour operator, visiting many exciting destinations. Our trip with African Horizons was definitely the best trip I have ever been on. It was the most organized and well planned trip, with a variety of accommodations and daily activities. Each new day brought with it a different, exciting adventure.

The safari was such an incredible journey! In every regard, it was flawless. Mustafa was undoubtedly the best tour guide I have ever had the pleasure of travelling with. The entire safari, Mustafa humored and entertained us, sharing with us his many stories about life in Kenya. His vast knowledge of tribal life was so interesting and much appreciated. Within a few days, we proudly considered Mustafa more than just our guide; he was our friend. Mustafa had a great impact on us all. Mustafa has a special gift and how fortunate we were to have spent our time with him. We are all better people for it! He is in every regard, a true ambassador to not only your company, but to Africa in general.

We really enjoyed the variety of accommodation. Each property had its’ own uniqueness and we enjoyed them all with one exception. We found the Kibo Safari Tented Camp to not be of the same standard as the rest of the properties. Our favorite property was the Mbuzi Mawe camp in Tanzania. We found our stay there remarkable and definitely one of our highlights. The staff was so incredibly friendly and paid attention to every detail of our stay. In particular, Reginald, Harold, and Eugene were amazing. We have many fond memories of our time spent with them.
One of the most memorable experiences of our trip, was the day we visited Malezi School. My sons are both avid basketball players and rarely go a day without playing. They were going through basketball withdrawal and missing it badly. When Mustafa realized this, he contacted Chris. Chris set to work and magically organized a basketball scrimmage for my sons to participate in at this school. My boys still talk about this and will remember it as a highlight of their trip. We cannot thank Chris enough for putting such effort in to arranging this event. While at the school, in conversation with their coach, we discovered the interest in a possible team trip to Canada. We will be in contact with the school to see if this is a possibility. What an experience that would be and it would all be possible because of Chris’s great efforts! Thank you Chris.

We have now been back in Canada for two months and the impact of our safari and time spent in Africa never ceases to amaze us. The sights and experiences of your wonderful continent marvel that of anywhere. When asked about our trip, one can only reply how great it was but in no way can convey its’ emotional impact. We believe that one must experience the adventure to fully realize and appreciate it. Words cannot paint a vivid enough picture to describe it. You must live the adventure to get the full appreciation of what it means to be “on safari”. We were expecting the animals to be amazing but were not anticipating to be affected by the people of your great nation the way we were. For us, it was so much more than just the animals. It was the people of Kenya and Tanzania that now make our memories so important and we will cherish those memories for our lifetime. For this, my parents, my sons and I, say a heartfelt thank you to all of you at African Horizons for making our safari the adventure it was!

Yours truly,



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  1. Bo says:

    Mustafa is not only a FIRST class driver-guide, but also a very pleasant person. I can only recommend a safari with Mustafa.

    1. Thank you Bo. I have shared your comment with Mustafa and he is super thrilled.

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